Frequently Asked Questions

Do we move to a new hotel each day? 
No. We understand it might sound exciting moving each day, but we are based in one hotel for the duration, which by experience gives far more comfort than packing up and moving on each day. On our Pilgrimage walk we move hotels every second or third days as we are following the pilgrimage trail.

Does the hotel have private bathroom facilities? 
Yes – all of them do.

What do I need to take with me on the walks? 
Hiking boots with ankle support, (preferably waterproof), suitably sized back-pack, plastic drink bottle holding a minimum of one litre, lightweight wet-weather gear (jackets and pants), lightweight warm clothing, whistle, sunblock and a small first aid kit.

How difficult are the walks? 
We will be walking over mountains and the grades of the walks will range from easy to diffucult.  The distance of the walks will vary from 5 to 18 kilometres and the ascents from 100 to 800 metres and sometimes the terrain can be rocky.   

Does the cost of the tour include everything in the brochure? 
Yes.  It is an all inclusive tour cost.  All meals with wine and activities as stated in the brochure. 

Does the cost include the airline ticket? 

Do Patrick & Robbie join in all the walks? 

Is the bus comfortable?
Yes. We use a private coach.

Do I need to carry my own walking stick? 
No – we supply walking sticks but some people prefer to bring their own.

Do I need to be fit? 
Yes. We also suggest that part of your training at home includes hills, up and down, to tone the muscles needed for the mountain terrain.

Should I get to Europe few days before the tours? 
Yes. We recommend that for your greatest enjoyment and appreciation of the walking tour, you try to arrive in Europe a few days prior to this tour, so that you will be rested and acclimatised before the walks.

Do we eat at the hotel every night? 
No, we go out some nights.

As a single, do I have to share? 
No, not unless you bring a friend with you and you want to share with that person.

How old are the participants?
The age group is usually between 45 and 70 but that can vary!

Do the towns and villages have bank and shop facilities? 

Does the hotel have Wi-Fi facilities?
Yes and often internet is available in the village.

Do I have to walk every day? 
No.  The walks are not compulsory. You will have the choice of staying at the hotel for the day, being dropped in a village, if convenient ‘en route’ and picked up later or to do a section of the walk only.

Do I need travel insurance? 
Yes it is compulsory and we advise that you take it out the minute you pay for any part of your trip!

What kind of weather should we expect? 
You can look forward to medium temperatures, some cold days, some warmer days, sun, rain, maybe some snow in the mountains and bikini weather by the sea!!!

What time do we start in the morning? 
We usually leave the hotel between 8am and 9am.

What kind of food do we get at lunch time? 
Sometimes it will be at a restaurant but mostly we will have picnic lunches during the walk.

What kind of dinners should we expect? 
The menus are chosen by us and they will be a variety of regional food from the area. Dinner will always be at least 3 courses.

Do we get to meet locals? 
Yes.  Whenever possible you will be interacting with local characters!

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